About EATS

E.A.T.S, Lda is an Angolan company founded in 2011 that offers a complete range of products and services in the field of flow measurement, fluid control and water treatment for the oil and gas market in Angola, as well as for water treatment systems and factories. of food and beverage products. E.A.T.S operates in close cooperation with its international partners, all of whom are manufacturers of high-end equipment and integrated systems with a recognized worldwide reputation in the field of fluid control, namely:
Krohne and ODS in the segment of flowmeters, instrumentation and manufacturing of integrated fiscal measurement systems;
H2O in the segment of water treatment for offshore and marine installations;
Merla in the segment of the choke valves;
Mokveld in the segment of the axial valves;
Rotork in the segment of the valves actuators.
The company has demonstrated technical capacity and relevant experiences with key customers in the oil and gas sector, water treatment companies and food and beverage factories in Angola.

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